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Whether you’re looking for individual coverage or trying to decide which type of plan to choose for your employees, Hart Insurance Agency can help you find a Health Insurance solution that meets the needs of everyone. 

HSA stands for Health Savings Account. HSA-qualified health plans are an increasingly popular option within Health Insurance and are meant for those who are insured under high-deductible Health Insurance plans. The IRS determines what specifications a plan must meet in order to be considered HSA-qualified.

These plans allow individuals to save pre-tax dollars into a savings account that they can use over time for qualified medical expenses that are not covered under their high-deductible Health Insurance plan. With a standard HSA, you can do the following.

  1. Put money into your HSA (tax free)
  2. Watch your money grow (tax free)
  3. Take out money if needed for qualified medical expenses, including dental and vision (also tax free)

Advantages of HSA's

With a Health Savings Account, you get to control the amount of money that you wish to set aside for medical expenses. Deposits, growth, and qualified withdrawals are all tax-free, and most important, your money rolls over each year. Unlike flexible spending accounts, you don’t lose money when your policy renews. Whatever you put into your HSA keeps growing, tax-free. If at any point you are not enrolled in an HSA-qualified health plan, you will not be able to contribute to your HSA, but any money you have put into the account remains yours to use for health care related expenses.

Although there are annual limits to the amount of money you can deposit into your Health Savings Account, as well as qualifications your health plan must meet, it’s a great option for anyone looking for lower premiums who likes the idea of saving for medical expenses with tax advantages.

Contact an insurance specialist at Hart Insurance Agency today to learn more about how an HSA-qualified plan may benefit you.

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