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Dump Truck Insurance

If a dump truck is part of your business operation, you understand the importance of insurance for that vehicle. All vehicles need to be insured, of course, but dump truck insurance can make sure you are covered from unique issues related only to a dump truck.

Hart Insurance Agency agents can help you with basic insurance on the vehicle itself that protects from standard risks, but dump trucks are also vulnerable to the following hazards, and require additional insurance:

  • Hauling heavy or jagged material could damage the truck
  • Dump trucks often operate where no roads exist
  • Breakdowns that cost you time and money; you can avoid the financial loss with adequate dump truck insurance

Dump Truck Insurance Features

If you have employees operating your dump truck, you need workers compensation insurance. If someone is injured while working, you want them to be covered, as required by law.

Consider, too, liability. Your truck could get into an accident, and most policies cover that. However, you may also be working on another person's property and may need liability insurance to protect you if your truck has an accident and causes personal or property damage. In those cases, it is not just lost operating time that matters; you could be facing a lawsuit.

Hart Insurance Agency agents are familiar with the differences between state insurance regulations and requirements, and can assist you even if you work in more than one state.

Call Hart Insurance Agency to make sure you are covered and that you can handle any crisis that develops. Our professional staff can make sure you have the best possible dump truck insurance. When you call, have the following information available:

  • The make, model and year of the dump truck to be insured
  • The type of dump truck and its hauling capacity
  • Where the dump truck will be used
  • The type of work it will be used for
  • The value of the vehicle

We will also need the number of employees and how many of those employees will be operating the truck. With this information, we can provide you with an affordable insurance quote for your dump trucks or other vehicles.

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I would like to share with you the exceptional service I got from Heidi Lloyd over the last few months. She worked with me to get my car repaired after I damaged it. It was a horrible experience and I was not looking forward to dealing with insurance issues/claims and then a potential increase in premium, etc. Heidi made it all work smoothly and simply without a hitch. I could not have expected a better outcome. Following that ordeal, she answered all my questions about my auto policy increase and pursued getting my policy reevaluated which resulted in premium savings! She not only did an outstanding job in terms of efficiency, responsiveness and outcome, she has great customer service skills and was very personable. Your office has handled my insurance needs for decades and it’s always been super, but Heidi made it even better.

They go above and beyond for me here! Been with them for many years, and during that time they have saved my bacon dozens of times. Sometimes I goof on paperwork or payments, sometimes the insurance companies Hart sources from will make a mistake, and they always step up to help me. Working on an audit of premiums right now (3rd party audit company made a mistake), and Hart got with me immediately with all the steps I needed to take to resolve it. Wouldn't want to work with anyone else!

N. Rogers
Teri and the Hart Insurance team are always responsive and efficient! Whatever our insurance needs are, whether business or personal, Hart has been able to help in a quick and friendly way

H. Jack
I have used Hart insurance for many, many years. Part of that time I was employed as a public employee and they always handled our group insurance. After retiring, I have always used Hart In’s. to advise me with my Medicare options. They are professional, organized and eager to help.

L. Kellenbeck
Great company, fabulous people. I used Hart to help with personal and business insurance for many years. Then I switched for a slightly better price. Poor decision. I now have personal and business policies managed with Hart once again - and i won't switch! Terry Faulkner helps with the commercial; Sue Klumph deals with our personal home and vehicle insurance. I highly recommend Hart Insurance. You will not be disappointed.

J. Lefeber
Our business has been working with Hart Insurance for over a decade and they have been amazing to work with. They handle all of our business insurance. From year to year, they help us to reevaluate our needs and costs for insurance and represent a variety of carriers so I know that we are always getting the most competitive rates. I have one point of contact there (Misty W) and she takes care of all of our needs so that we can continue to do what we do best....landscaping. Using Hart Insurance is like pushing the "Easy" button. We highly recommend them!

Xai G.
I spoke with Deanie yesterday for my son who was looking for car insurance. She went above and beyond helping him. Great people with great integrity. #1 in my book!

D. Murphy
Very attentive and work well for both my business and personal insurance needs. Best agents I've had in a long time!

L. Mystics